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fountain of youth which is thought of a way to obtain immortality
Like everyone, you'll have to leave this world one day, but not with immortality. Check out both perspectives and decide if it would be aRead More »
Our mental heavily affects our body and one way to improve it is using psychology. For a start, here's 3 common uses of psychology inRead More »
5 People in a group meal
Ever feel conflicted about who gets the last piece of food at dinner? Not for long. Discover what makes dealing with this issue easier forRead More »
white persian cat not interested in smartphone
When we are focusing on our phones in front of our pets, what do pets think of our smartphones? Don't we look like idiots curlingRead More »
bird which looks to be in a fishbowl but isn't
Perception is how we interpret things, while perspective is our viewpoint. It's believed that how we see things depends on perspectives but this isn't theRead More »
Even if it's a bad act we still might defend it, here's 5 reasons from psychological perspective on how we end up justifying wrong things.
Rather than a simple yes/no, find out how we look and judge such situations where people find themselves doing immoral acts in desperation.
people waiting in queue due to shortage of supplies
In a capitalist society, is profiting from shortage of supplies ethical? If it's done in desperation, does that change our answer?
Ego may not be what you think it is. Find out the two meanings of ego, and the difference between ego, personality and identity.
reflection of tree to signify the reason why we hold ourselves back is our self
We want to do it but don't; what is holding us back from doing it? To deal with our situation better, learn the reasons whyRead More »
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